Wednesday, June 17, 2009

  • My little princess is growing so fast. She is over 7 months old now. She began her "injured soldier" crawl 2 days before turning 6 months.
  • She drags herself with her arms. She is sitting up really good by herself. She's starting to crawl a little on her hands and knees. She sleeps 10 hours at night. (*yes, yes, in my bed) She weighs 17 pounds, loves bath time, loves to walk with you holding her hands, is pullingup, thinks her dad lights up a room when he walks in, &LOVES LOVES LOVES outside. We stroll outside and her eyes cannot stay open. She is full of personality and a very busy little girl.
  • We leave for a week at Dauphin Island next week, and we can't wait. Unfortunately, Coy can't get off. I'm sure he'll miss us (Ava) as much as we miss him. Maybe he will surprise us and drop in for a few days.
  • I will have to take pictures of my little hot momma on the beach, since momma no longer fits into that category!=)

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