Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just wanted to share a few pictures of Ava. I have to steal them from Heather's facebook, since my computer is still dial up! The first picture is Ava enjoying her first ringpop at Caylee's ballgame. The second is from Caylee's recital this past Saturday. Ava had to stand up, dance, and sing in someone's lap the whole time. Aunt He-He was the lucky one for these few minutes, then she would move on down the line. We just recently took her 7 month pictures. So, I will be posting that link soon. And, we just took our very first dip in Nana & Mumpies pool. Those pics will follow soon! HOpe everyone is having a wonderful summer. To me, there is nothing like the dog days of summer in the south! the glow of lighting bugs, the sound of locusts, the smell of fresh cut grass, fronch porch swinging at sunset~ sounds like home to me!

  • My little princess is growing so fast. She is over 7 months old now. She began her "injured soldier" crawl 2 days before turning 6 months.
  • She drags herself with her arms. She is sitting up really good by herself. She's starting to crawl a little on her hands and knees. She sleeps 10 hours at night. (*yes, yes, in my bed) She weighs 17 pounds, loves bath time, loves to walk with you holding her hands, is pullingup, thinks her dad lights up a room when he walks in, &LOVES LOVES LOVES outside. We stroll outside and her eyes cannot stay open. She is full of personality and a very busy little girl.
  • We leave for a week at Dauphin Island next week, and we can't wait. Unfortunately, Coy can't get off. I'm sure he'll miss us (Ava) as much as we miss him. Maybe he will surprise us and drop in for a few days.
  • I will have to take pictures of my little hot momma on the beach, since momma no longer fits into that category!=)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Growing like a weed"

I have always heard the "older" people tell you........"She'll be grown before you know it." I realize what they are talking about. It seems like yesterday I was bursting at the seems to tell someone I was pregnant. For those who know me well, you know that "keeping it a secret for a while" was just not in me. The nine months seem like a blur. They passed so quickly. Then, I had this precious newborn baby to bring home. Wasn't that like a couple weeks ago?........No, over 4 months. Ava Cate is rolling over, devouring her cereal from a spoon, laughing, talking, & sleepin 8-9 hours at night. She is such a pure joy. I took her to get her 4 month pictures made. We go to Kori Burkhead Photography in Dyersburg. She is so great. Here is a link to look at her latest session Take a look and let me know who you think she looks like.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

SIck Baby Blues:2

As a new mother, you learn as you go. But when you have a sick baby you are kind of lost. I don't want to be one of those mothers who rush to the doctor everytime my child acts different. BUT, my sweet baby Ava is not herself. She has a stuffy nose and a tiny cough (although she is sick, her cough sounds so sweet). I know they no longer recommend cold medicine for infants. SO, to you other mothers:any suggestions? She is so fussy and unhappy. She is usually so happy and content. My heart hurts when I can't "fix" her!=( Plus, I am working this weekend. Being away when she is sick makes it worse. Although her Dad does a fantastic job with her, there's nothing like having her in my arms.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sick Baby Blues

Well, Ava had her first "sick-baby" visit to the doctor. She has had a stomach bug since Wednesday. The doctor seems to think it will just run its course, but as a parent, you want your baby to feel better now. She seems to be getting better today, though. She has kept a smile through it all. She is such a happy baby. She weighs 11 lbs.
This is my weekend to work, so I am away from her 13 hours on Saturday and Sunday. In that short amount of time, she changes so much. She has found her hands (though she seems to love looking and waving her right hand more). Last night when I got home she was in her swing. She loves her swing. Last night I could have watched her in it forever. She has noticed the butterfly mobile above it before. But last night she was watching the butterflies so closely, laughing, and "talking" to them. It's little moments like this that swell your heart so big with love you think it may burst! I promise to post a picture of it soon. We are still on dial up and uploading pics is a long process.