Saturday, December 20, 2008

1 day down

Well, I have one hour to go. Then, I will have made it through my first day back to work since having Ava Cate. It was not as bad as I had anticipated. I am sure knowing she is in great hands at home with her dad helped tremendously. He is a WONDERFUL father. It has been almost 17 years since he has had a little one. But, he has jumped in with full force. My love for him grows watching his love for her. Well, tomorrows another work day for me. Hope it goes smoothly as well.
I have been enjoying reading other's blogs and keeping up with their family news for some time. I always felt my life was pretty mundane, and that I would not have anything to write about. Now that I have a new blessing at home, I want to share her with the world. I find myself constantly wanting to snap her picture, not wanting to miss a moment of her life. We have numerous "photo sessions" trying to capture as much as possible. She changes so much so quickly. I felt that the best way to share this wonderful time in my life is to attempt to start a blog. Though I am not the most computer savvy or organized person, I am trying to commit to this project. She brings such joy to my life daily. If I never do another thing right in my life, this is right. My greatest contribution to the world, my God sent blessing..........Ava Cate Ballard. I hope you enjoy our pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.